social reward programs


When you refer a friend to ClipClaps you earn cash chest. The aproximate value of these is .3¢ for first referral, and $10 for each ones after. ClipClaps lets you earn clap coins (their own currency) that can then be traded for cashouts through PayPal.


TikTok’s latest growth strategy is called TikTok Rewards that lets users “redeem points for cool prizes to your favorite stores,” according to the app’s notification. TikTok's users can collect points by inviting friends to the app through a unique invitation code. There are milestones in the referral programs, so it's not a clear-cut reward. The rewards include: $10 Starbucks gift card for 2000 TikTok points $15 AMC Theaters gift card for 3000 TikTok points $5 Uber gift card for 1000 TikTok points $10 Sephora gift card for 2000 TikTok points $5 Domino’s gift card for 1000 TikTok points $10 Walmart gift card for 2000 TikTok points $10 CVS gift card for 2000 TikTok points $5 Dunkin’ gift card for 1000 TikTok points $5 Burger King gift card for 1000 TikTok points $5 Target gift card for 1000 TikTok points


Earn up to $20 for each person that signs up using your code and an additional $10 for each 5th person that you invite.


Each referral gets 1 bee when they use your referral code. For every referral, you get 1 bee.

You will get 15% lifetime commissions of wagers of those whom you refer.

Bubble cash

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Star Network

You get mining boost in the app for inviting new users.

Blackout Bingo

You earn $20 per referral when they make their first deposit. They can deposit any amount and the $20 will be credited to your account.


The Referral Payout will be 5% of the Referred Creator's Earnings: For the first 12 Months of their Account. (All Referrals originating prior to May 1, 2020, will be extended until May 1, 2021). Limited to the first $1 Million Dollars earned by each Referred Creator. This allows Referrers to earn up to $50,000.00 per Referred Creator. There are no limitations on the number of Referred Creators or your total Referral Earnings.


Invite your friends to join UpVoice using your link and get 300 tokens ($5) for each successful referral. Get 300 tokens which equals $5. Each referral is $5