gaming reward programs


Both referrer and referred user receive 100 units.

Solitaire Cash

$1 welcome bonus for registering using the link

You will get 15% lifetime commissions of wagers of those whom you refer.


Share your referral link and earn 5% of all offers completed by your users - including name bonuses! Your referred users will also receive 100 coins as a welcome bonus.

Tongits Go

Register and Get 10 GoCoins


When a referral purchases the Summoner Spellbook, both you and the referral will receive a random card from the Untamed set (including a chance at Gold Foil Legendaries worth up to $100)!


You will get silver coins of every replenishment of the account by the person invited by you. The income is unlimited. Even several invited people can bring you more silver coins.

Lucky Fish

Luckyfish offers an affiliate system. For all legit affiliates, registered under your link and not the same IP, you will forever receive commission from every user you refer. Every bet they make you will receive a percentage. The commission formula is qualified wagering amount * house edge * 25%. You get commission only from the users who registered using your referral link.

Gala Games

Referrals gain you .1 point in the daily distribution of gala.

Cash Inc

Our members haven't found much information on Cash Inc's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Cash Inc. for other members benefit.